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Repair information for MaxWest tablets.

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Screen unresponsive with small crack across the bottom of screen

I just got for Christmas, had to wait for the sim to be mailed after i had the tablet I'm hand. Once I got the sim card, I must have done something wrong to make the screen unresponsive while trying to remove the hard case to take the back so I could insert the sim. I didn't notice til after I scratched up the screens' protective cover, that there is a crack beginning of the left corner, stretching across to right of the screen at the bottom.

The screen now won't even scroll up to unlock the device, let alone move and respond if you attempt to tap all over the screen or press the volume or power keys.

How to fix please & thank you!

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Most tablets and cell phones have what is called a digitizer which is a thin almost like glass reactive layer that covers the screen. This connected to the inner workings of the device with a band of wires. If yours is broken in the right/ wrong place then it cannot react when you touch the screen. If your actual screen were cracked you'd usually see what looks like paint or melted crayons running down the screen which is the liquid crystal that makes up the actual screen. The digitizer how ever is fairly easily replaced and can usually be bought for between 15.00 to 50.00 dollars US. You can also Google search your exact situation and find an ideo in diagnosing the problem and how to repair or change it.

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