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Informazioni per la riparazione e lo smontaggio dello smartphone Android 5G Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. Rilasciato ad agosto 2020.

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I change the Battery, the USB port and it still doesn't charge

What else do I have to do for it to be charged fully I already put in a new battery and changed the USB port.

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@emansion11 Is yours a SM-N985 or N986 (5G)?


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@emansion11 before getting to deep into any board level components, I suggest that you change the charging port ribbon cable from your sub_board to the main board. Check the connectors for any corrosion as well.

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There's anyway to check the battery if it is good I change the USB port twice already then I change the battery and it still not taking the charge


@emansion11 you would need to have an ammeter and apply a load to the battery to see how many amps it can deliver. Not something that most people have laying around. you can measure the voltage while teh battery is connected but the device is off and see how many volts the battery shows on the connector. Then turn it on and see if the voltage drops. It is not a very reliable test but may give you an idea. It might just be easier to replace the battery once more.


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If possible, can you check if it is charging when using a wireless charger (example only)

If you haven't got one hopefully you know someone that has a compatible wireless charger that you could borrow for a short while.

The two charge circuits i.e. cable and wireless, are slightly different although some components are the same.

At least if it also doesn't charge this way you're closer to finding out why not.

Has the phone been dropped or gotten wet at all?

Also please confirm the model number of the phone SM-N985 or N986?

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