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Repair and disassembly information for the Logitech MX Master 2S wireless mouse. Released in 2017 and identified by model numbers M-R0066, 910-005131, 910-005139, 910-005839, or 910-005965.

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Mouse is Connected but stops moving or responding abruptly

So the strangest issue that apparently has no solution. The mouse always lights up, has full charge and the button selection also works and lights up when Connected. But on RANDOM, it just stops moving the cursor on screen. I check bluetooth settings and it still shows that it's connected (same in LogiOptions+ also). And yet, it just on random abruptly loses connection despite showing that it's connected. I opened it apart and put it back together. Some days it works fine some days this issue just keeps happening every few minutes and I have to keep switching it off and on to get it to work again. Sigh. I've even scoured the forums, reddit and logitech support and some say it could be something to do with Sleep Mode but I have no clue how to fix that. lol. Any help?

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Hi @fitterniti

If you have a Windows PC (you never said) try the following.

Go to Device Manager → Universal Serial Bus Controllers → right click USB Root Hub → Properties → Power Management and check that the setting that says "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" is unchecked → OK.

Do this for all USB Root Hub entries listed in the category.

Exit from Device Manager and restart the PC in the normal manner and check if this resolves the problem.

To get to Device Manager in Win10/11 press the Win key and the x key (both together) and click on the Device Manager link in the menu box that opens.

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