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Una console di gioco per la televisione prodotta da Sony Computer Entertainment, conosciuta anche come PS4. Annunciata il 20 febbraio 2013 e lanciata sul mercato il 15 novembre 2013.

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Ps4 beeps once then turns off, fan slightly spins,

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This all started after I changed my thermal paste, I tried turning the ps4 while it was open to check if I had broken anything, the fans turned on and spun really fast and then it turned off after 3 beeps. After that I continued and replaced thermal paste and when I went to turn it on it just beeps once with a blue light and the fan tries to spin but it then just dies. The model number is CUH-1215a. Also other things that might be important are that I bought this off of marketplace and that it did turn on properly but it said storage was not detected

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Hi, are there any visible lights on the PS4? is it a short or a long beep?


@computerashes it's a shortish beep and it's a solid blue light


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Unfortunately, a blue light such as you described is known as a BLOD or Blue Light Of Death.

Whilst in some cases this can be an easy fix, It usually hints to a problem with the PS4's APU (CPU and GPU combination).

Here is a link to some fixes that you could possibly try:

Since you mentioned that the PS4 had existing HDD problems, there is a decent chance that they could be responsible for the issue. If you've already tried reseating the drive, I would simply recommend purchasing a new Hard drive and reinstalling the system software. Here is a guide on doing this:

If this doesn't work then unfortunately this is most likely an APU related issue. Since you have the original PS4, you could try the "washer fix". This however is not a permanent fix and can last anywhere from a few days to several years, if at all. Here is a link to an Ifixit guide on performing this repair: Riparazione PlayStation 4 che si accende e poi rispegne

Here is also a YouTube link with a more in-depth explanation of what the Blue Light Of Death is:

I hope this helps, let me know if you have any other questions :)

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@computerashes how come it happened all of a sudden if it was working previously


Also @computerashes one of my ribbon cables for my optical drive is slightly damaged on the point where it goes in could that be causing it?


@sergejmisic anything that could cause the PS4 to be unable to read the Hard drive could well be the cause of your issue.


Now that you mention it the port for my HDD is horribly loose maybe that's the problem?


@sergejmisic So the HDD has a loose connection?


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