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Released on July 28th, 2017, the New Nintendo 2DS XL is a handheld gaming console succeeding the Nintendo 2DS.

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R Button Replacement 2DS XL

My 2DS XL R button has fell off and the button that is inside has seem to have disappeared. How can I fix it and where can I buy parts?

Block Image

Block Image

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If you shake the console a bit, do you hear the button rattling around inside? Put a finger over the hole so it doesn't fly out if it's there


And is this the same console that snapped in half?


@darthmango no I can’t hear any rattling and yes it is the same console that snapped in half.


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Best-case scenario, this is going to require some fairly small-scale soldering. Take a look at the three pads half visible in the second picture and see if they've been ripped off. The grounding pads are a pretty good example of what to look for. The left one looks okay, but the right one is completely gone. It is possible to restore the connection by scraping off some of the green solder mask to essentially make a new pad, then soldering a trace wire from there to the button. If you can do that for each missing pad, you'll be mostly set.

If you have/are getting a new bottom shell regardless, feel free to skip this part. The bumper being presumably ripped out probably left a mark on the surrounding area. Specifically, on the pieces that actually hold the thing in place.

Block Image

Take the bottom shell off and make sure that hinge is intact. (Don't mind the green circle in the corner, I nabbed the pic from the mobo guide. Looking a little closer, I'm realizing that's the L button, but it still shows what to look for). I'd probably remove the two screws (in red) and make sure the hinge will actually be able to hold the new bumper. If the plastic piece you just unscrewed is broken, it's probably easiest to replace it, but if it's the bottom case, you may be able to rebuild the broken part.

Now the easy part, the parts list. Aside from the new shell, there are really only 3 you need

  • A new button
  • A new bumper. You can find both with a search like "2ds xl shoulder button"
  • A spring for the bumper. This one's a little trickier. I found one here, but I'd still encourage you to look yourself

If all that sounds like a bit too much for you, you can always take it to a repair shop.

One more thing, just out of curiosity. What the heck happened to that poor 2DS?

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