Some parts of the bios on my Motion Computing J3400 are either blank

or completely spazzed out. I have no clue on how to heal the bios, and “Load Optimal Defaults” does nothing. Every time I try to boot from a USB drive, all I get is a black screen. It doesn’t even tell me there is no boot device. Is there anything I can do? The BIOS chip is replaceable, but sadly there isn’t even any binaries, since it needs an executable file. Is my J3400 destined for parts or scrap?

Edit: Some time ago I’ve decided to take the BIOS chip out (it is socketed) and use my handy CH341A programmer. The chip was a bit too big to go into my SOP attachment, but it fitted perfectly with my clips. At first I’ve accidentally placed the chip in the wrong way, but then I’ve decided to reverse the chip, which it works successfully. The chip was successfully reprogrammed and now my once dead 3,000$+ tablet is now completely functional again. The only issue is that parts for this J3400 are really hard to find, and another working J3400 is even harder to find, and replacement displays are basically impossible, since even though the screen is a BOE Hydis AFFS panel with a glass Wacom digitizer laid over it, it’s also impossible to find it’s View Anywhere equivalent as well.

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