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From 1992 to 1996, chief engineer Kosaku oversaw development of the XV20 Lexus variant alongside the XV20 Toyota Camry programme under project code 416T.

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No crank no start? What am I missing?

Fixed: Dead battery read good on my tester but not at AutoZone. Replaced it and it started. Now other things are wrong, but that's a new problem. This problem is solved. 👍

1998 Lexus ES300. I rebuilt this car that was given to me, and it was our daily driver until a no crank no start. I think the cause was a bad starter since it was literally sparking in the tester. I replaced the starter, double checked all my connections, but still nothing. No lights, no sounds, NOTHING. Battery tested perfect and is new. New battery terminals. New alternator in the last year. No blown fuses or relays I could see in the fuse boxes. I thought maybe it was the ignition switch, but when I tried the hotwiring trick of avoiding the ignition by jumping the starter relay to the battery, it didn't do anything either, meaning the fuse box lost power. I'm guessing there's a fusible link burnt out under the fuse box, but for the life of me, I can't find anything on how to get to it. How do I safely take the fuse box out? There's clearly a little plastic hinge door under the fuse box, but it refuses to open. Should I just break the plastic to get to it? Pull out the whole fuse tray? Could it be the battery cables themselves even if both ends are good? The starter seems to be getting power, but the vehicle is still completely unresponsive? Has to be electrical somewhere between the battery and the car. I cleaned the battery terminals inside and out and checked and cleaned the ground end, but there was no sign of corrosion and I replaced the terminals on the battery cables last year but not the cables themselves. The only issue I was working on before it randomly died after we parked it at home was flushing and replacing the radiator fluid, but that shouldn't have anything to do with it being able to turn over. Jumping the battery did nothing. It's fully charged. But my FatMax charger says it doesn't see the alternator? A bad alternator wouldn't cause a no start no crank though, and it separately tested fine. I saw a thing this morning to try shifting gears and starting it in neutral, but I had to open the emergency release to switch gears at all, and that didn't help it get power either. Again, it drove fine until it was parked, and it just wouldn't respond at all the next morning or since. What's left to check or replace? It's gotta be something under the fuse box, doesn't it? Help?

Edit: Got the fuse box open and out, but I still don't see anything that looks burnt, damaged, or like a fusible link? I found the alternator fuse, but it looks fine? I'm running out of ideas now. What else would make the whole vehicle just not respond at all to anything?

Update (01/19/24)

As it turns out, the problem was my battery tester. 🫠 The battery was going bad but still could be charged. It was still under warranty, so it was even free. Now that it's starting, something else is wrong I'll have to track down today. Always something. Thanks for your help guys. 😅

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Im not calling you stupid. But is the gas tank full? Ive had that happen to me before.


@corbanizer It shouldn't be empty, but this model has a gas cap button I can't press with no power, so there's no way to put gas in it if it were. Regardless, no gas shouldn't prevent the electricity from connecting to a good battery. 😅


Have you followed the battery cable to the fuse box to see if there's an in-line fuse? Using a meter, have you tested for power at any of the fuses in the fuse box? From fuse to ground? Start at the battery and work outwards. Every connection you can, check from power to ground. Eventually you should find where the power stops. I don't think the alternator is the issue here.


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Well, I'm no expert, but....if it were me, I would start to look for possibilities to eliminate.

Sounds like you are getting no power or insufficient electrical power anywhere. Is that correct?

Then the first thing I would do is swap out for a known good battery or a jump pack. Batteries can test as good even if defective (this recently happened to me with a very new battery). A simple and cheap thing to check first.

Good luck!

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