Battery reporting way more than designed watt hours

I've replaced a battery using one sent by iFixit. It works as expected except for one very strange issue that I assume is to do with calibration.

As you can see on the attached, the battery reports to the system that it has way more than its actual capacity. Like, way more. The design capacity is 53.6 watt hours, not 736.62.

Block Image

I have attempted to calibrate the battery multiple times. When I first installed it, I charged it to full plus two hours, used it until it auto-hibernated, charged it to full plus two hours again, and then used it until it auto-hibernated again. I then used it as normal.

Within a few days, it started reporting larger and larger capacities. It seems to increase every time it sleeps. Yesterday, before I let it sleep, it said ~180 watt hours. What's going on?

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Since it's gone up to 736 watt hours, it has also stopped measuring how much it has discharged at all. it reads 100% all the way until it dies.


further update: when I slot in a different battery (the old battery this was meant to replace), i get the correct information, i.e., that the health is degraded and what its design and actual capacities are. it even gives me the serial number, which the ifixit battery does not.


now, either because it believes itself to be full or because it is simply broken, it will not charge at all and dies as soon as it is unplugged. i have taken this up with ifixit customer support.


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