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{A1989 / EMC3214} - Rilasciato nel luglio 2018, il MacBook Pro da 13" integra processori i5 e i7 quad-core e grafica integrata Intel Iris Plus.

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Does MacBook keyboard work without trackpad

Hi I have 2018 MacBook Pro and it exploded today but it somehow still works and I’m trying to fix it. The flex from the logic board to trackpad just melted from the temperature and now keyboard doesn’t work and my question is that the keyboard do need trackpad to work pleas help me. (Btw the battery was original sunwoda)

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I think you need to do a bit more diagnostics here. What happens when you use ax external keyboard and mouse with the lid closed (Clamshell Mode) in this state the internal keyboard or touchpad don’t get used (don’t take them out as SMC will see the as missing which we don’t want)

Then in this state you should be able to run the onboard diagnostics to get a better idea what else may need fixing.

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Surprisingly to say everything works from speakers to camera literally everything


@pieterel - That’s in Clamshell mode?


No you can use it in clamshell mode and normally with screen but you need external keyboard and mouse.


@pieterel - I’m confused! You don’t have a working touchpad as it got damaged from the battery so how are you running?


I took out the exploded battery and it works if you connect it to power. I connected external keyboard and mouse and it’s working


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