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Rilasciato il 20 Settembre 2019, il Nintendo Switch Lite è una versione più economica e solamente portatile della console Nintendo Switch, dispone di controller Joy-Con integrati e di uno schermo leggermente più piccolo.

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Switch wont get past the nintendo logo

So I bought a 2nd hand switch and it doesn't charge properly nor turns on properly.

When I plug it into the official nintendo charger I got, the battery icon with the charging (thunderbolt) icon shows up for a few seconds and turns off, and shows again after a few seconds. It just keeps looping until I disconnect the charger.

Sometimes, pressing the power button shows me the nintendo logo (not the nintendo switch logo). It shows for a few seconds then returns to just showing the battery icon and dissapearing.

I've successfully turned it on a couple times. The most consistent way I found was to flip the switch upside down and keep pressing the power button while removing and inserting the sd card till it turns on, but it wouldn't stay on for long. When I bump the switch or move it too fast, it just turns off. Otherwise it just turns off by itself after 5 to 10 minutes.

Would it be possible that some cables inside are just loose? Or is it some motherboard or battery problem. I would appreciate any tips that could help me narrow it down.


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if you keep the sd card removed does it boot normally

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nope, it just helps when I mess around with the socket for some odd reason


@zeggyfuentes maybe a bad reader


Hmm, ill keep this in mind. Thanks!


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What does the board look like? Keep in mind to replace thermal paste after you finish repairing the device.

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I have no clue what the inside looks like, I never opened it. But when I do, ill keep in mind to repaste it, Thanks!


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