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I Plugged Ninja air fryer which is 120V in 220v socket, heard a pop

I recently bought the ninja dual air fryer model:DZ 100 from United States and I unknowingly plugged it in my 220v socket in India, there was a loud pop sound and there was bit of smoke and burning smell, since then the 1st compartment fan is out the heat coil is working but fan isn’t working where the second compartment is completely functional. I tried opening it but this is the farthest I could open any leads on fixing it would be highly appreciated.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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Good job opening it up. I can't see any smoke marks in your pictures. Do you see any? That could tell you what failed.

I would look at the circuit board near where the 120v cord attaches.


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I'm not sure how you were able to plug a 2-prong (flat blades) USA plug (seen in your photos) into India's 220v round socket terminals. Converters are made for adapting 120vac appliances to 220vac.

Worse case is unrepairable damage to electronics; expert repairs from someone familiar with 110v damage from 220v. Review the right sidebar questions first for clues and help. If you are lucky, there may be a blown inline thermal fuse, sometimes inserted into a mesh sheath in one of the two ac lines to the circuits. As a thermal fuse, it melts internally, disabling power to everything. Measuring with a multimeter reveals either continuity or an open. If a circuit board was damaged, there should be burn or smoke marks. The same for one of the fans. A smell test may be best to determine what parts burned/cooked. More disassembly is needed to reveal everything for a visual inspection.

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