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Lanciato sul mercato il 16 settembre, il top di gamma "più piccolo" di Apple ha uno schermo OLED ProMotion da 6,1 pollici, un sistema di fotocamera posteriore a tre obiettivi, il 5G e un'"isola dinamica" di nuova progettazione intorno alla fotocamera frontale e i sensori superiori. È il successore dell'iPhone 13 Pro.

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Kernal Panic iPhone 14 Pro, error code is not documented

I have an iPhone 14 Pro that was totally destroyed, but still powering on. After transfering to a new rear housing w/new charge port and screen it now hard resets every 5ish minutes and makes a panic log. The log is attached below.

The sensor string in my case does not seem to be well documented, but I am somewhat sure it will require board repair. Any guidance on what needs to be replaced to fix this issue would be greatly appreciated.

panic(cpu 2 caller 0xfffffff067d771dc): SMC PANIC - ASSERTION FAILED: target/d73/target.cpp:265: 0, SMC BSC failure, spreadsheet ver(*10) 140
S.sensor array 0 - 4 is 0x0, 0x120000, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0 
F.sensor array 0 is 0x0

 - Misc(2) OUTBOX1 not ready
ASSERTION FAILED: target/d73/target.cpp:265: 0, SMC BSC failure, spreadsheet ver(*10) 140
S.sensor array 0 - 4 is 0x0, 0x120000, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0 
F.sensor array 0 is 0x0
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Hi Kory,

I trimmed your panic log in the question since the second line is really all we need.

This isn't actually a new code (at least to us), but rather indicates that you have two different errors occurring. The error code is in binary and turns on individual bits in a particular code to show each error. In your case you have two bits turned on, the 0x100000 bit and the 0x20000 bit. Here are the error codes for those two bits.

  • 0x20000 is a sandwich board issue.
  • 0x100000 is the power button flex.

The "sandwich board" refers to the interconnections between the top board and the bottom board of the motherboard assembly. Although those issues are repairable, doing so requires expertise and equipment that is well outside the capabilities of most of us home DIY-ers. You would need to locate a company that specializes in board level repairs on iPhones in order to get that particular error fixed. My understanding is that flexing the board breaks the connections between the top and bottom boards, giving you this error, so you have to disassemble the two boards, figure out which connections are broken, then repair them and reassemble the boards.

The other error for the power button flex is relatively straight-forward in that you just have to replace that part, but unless you plan on addressing the sandwich board failure it's not worth your time to fix since the other error will still be there.

Alisha ( @flannelist ), have I missed anything here?

Update (12/27/23)

Oh, and if you want to find out more about it, you should read Alisha's guide to kernel panics.

iPhone Kernel Panics - iFixit

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Oh! That is not at all what I expected when I couldn't find that code. Thank you for the information we'll be reaching out to a company I've seen before that does this sort of repair specifically.


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