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Released in May of 2019, the Xbox One S All Digital Edition (model number 1681) is a revision to the Original Xbox One S (released in 2016). This model of Xbox One S ships with no Blu-Ray Disc Drive (thus there is no disc slit at the front), exclusively providing downloadable and streamable entertainment.

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Graphics and performance maybe a graphics card. Issue

Somebody please tell me if theres something I can do to fix it. On every single game I have tested out the graphics look terrible. I hard reset it but logged back into my account I also soft reset it didn’t work but I changed instead of it being on auto detect I changed it to HDMI and the graphics looked a little bit better but still insanely laggy and I have an LG oled c1. When I switched it to hdmi it wouldn’t let me turn on VRR or auto low latency mode I found out without those 2 settings on my Xbox graphics look better and isn’t really that that laggy but without those 2 settings on my Xbox feels so delayed for some reason even tho my game isn’t delayed at all. Also without those 2 settings on my games look better but when I turned either one of the settings VRR or auto low latency mode the Xbox goes black for a few seconds then the UI and everything instantly becomes blurry.

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Is there anyway to fix it without repairs or any way to make it smoother


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could be the hdmi retimer ic is going bad, it cant be a graphics card issue as the cpu and graphics are all 1 chip

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Alright I know consoles pretty well and some components but can u tell me what an HDMI retimer does also does It normally go bad on its own or from a fall something my Xbox never fell but I just want to know if it is normal to go bad and how does it work


@dandandand65658 its a signal buffer ic and yes they can go bad without falling and can also be damaged by a damaged hdmi port


Ok I have a Best buy geek squad subscription so should I put a sticky note that says HDMI retimer might have gone bad so they see it when they repair it? And how does an HDMI port damage it I checked my HDMI ports they look perfectly fine but things can happen on the inside and not outside


@dandandand65658 usually damaged pins inside the port, i honestly wouldnt trust geek squad. im from the uk and have heard bad things about them. if you would like to find someone else in your area you could try here


I found a repair shop 4.7 stars geek squad had 3.2 I see why people don't like geek. Can I send videos here of what I am experiencing with my Xbox.


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