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iPod wire torn while screen replacement, how to fix?

I am replacing a iTouch and apparently I pulled the inner metal plate and it took along this little black piece with an attached blue and red wire. Well the blue wire tore and I'm wondering how I can fix this problem. Here is a pick of it so you know what I'm talking about.

Also, I was wondering what this specific piece is called and what is it for?

Which part is the wire connected to because I see two possible connection spots?

So heres an update, the wire I tore was the blue speaker cable. Does any one know how to fix it?


There is some type of glue or clear rubbery substance covering the wire where it is soldered. How should I remove that in order to start unsoldering the old stuff. I'm trying not to damage anything else.

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Alright sounds like a plan, I will let you guys know how it goes. I need to figure out how to solder though, I have never done so in my life!


the exact same thing just happened to me while changing the screen on my 4g...did you manage to fix yours? and will it still work without fixing the wire?


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You should be able to look at the board and see where it was soldered. If it is too short you can cut a piece of the same gauge wire, slip on a piece of heatsink, twist the wire onto the blue one, seal it with the heatsink then solder it back to the board.

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It goes on the other side of the red wire. If you can make the wire reach that far it may be salvageable, if not you will have to replace the whole component. You have to de-solder and re-solder the connections.

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Makes sense, but which metal circle does it attach too? I would think the only one it actually reaches so the very first one down?


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