Finding a replacement rip fence?

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TL;DR: Ripped some wood, blade contacted the rip fence because the cut was thin enough that I had to remove the blade guard. At least I caught it in time but this scored it pretty good.

I did a chat support with Vevor, and they said they would send me an email to buy the part... It's been a pain. They do not have a site I can just pay for it and get a replacement.

Does anyone know an alternative source for the part in the meantime while I try and get them to work with me? Better yet, a part number.

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@nick sorry but you know this is going to be a difficult find. You could try and check the design of this and take the measurements of the rip fence and see if you can match it with one of the more known brands. To avoid issues like that, I use a fence that has a piece of hardwood mounted to it. That way, if anything goes wrong, it is the wood that takes the cut not the fence. Only issues with that is that I have to add the dimension to the ruler on the saw. For example, my 1/4 inch cuts are now showing 3/4 on the saw.


@oldturkey03 I measure it outside and line up with the blade. Never again.


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