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Il nuovo formato di Apple per la linea 14 ha uno schermo OLED da 6,7 pollici, come il Pro Max, ma le stesse caratteristiche dell'iPhone 14 con doppia fotocamera e chip A15 Bionic con una GPU a 5 core.

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What might be the possible soln to this log below

Block Image

What might be the likely solution to this

Update (12/15/23)

Iphone 14plus. With this issues below


FAILED: target\/d28\target.cpp:266: 0, SMC BSC failure, spreadsheet ver (*10)

40\nS.sensor array 0 - 4 is 0x0, 0x600000,

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I actually haven't specifically seen mentions before of 0x60000, It's possible this a multiple parts problem, but I will have to do some research to know for sure.


Thanks so much , I will awaits ur response


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gbenga, you've got the distinction of having encountered a unique and previously unknown error code. Well, one known and one unknown, actually.

The code you have is actually two codes, because there are two bits set. In hexadecimal, a 6 is made up of two different bits, a 4 and a 2. So your codes are individually 0x200000 and 0x400000. The 0x400000 is a code we know already; here's the information about it from the iPhone Kernel Panics wiki page.

  • 0x400000 - is the Wireless Charging Flex (Back Glass).

Unfortunately, we haven't encountered the other code, 0x200000, previously so at this point we have no idea what it means or how to help you with it.

The only other time we've run into the charging flex issue was here.

hello I have iPhone 14 keeping restarting - iPhone 14 Pro - iFixit

In that case, apparently just the act of removing the rear cover and refitting it resolved the problem, but I'm afraid that's probably too much to hope for in your case, but worth a try.

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Thanks for the suggestion, I’ve tried fixing the rear glass properly but still the same thing


@gbengabusari Can you tell us a little more about when this issue started? Did anything happen to the phone before it started, such as being dropped, getting wet, an update, etc.?


I have the exact same log and my iphone (15 pro) keeps restarting every 3 minutes. I haven't dropped it, I just bought it, brand new (yaay), and I cannot get an answer on what the problem really is. it is annoying because the phone can properly function for 1-2 weeks straight, and then, in a radom day it keeps restarting over and over for a whole day, then it goes back to "normal".

This issue is also affecting the camera (you cannot take wide pictures, camera defocuses the image, the front camera freezes, etc). I left the phone at a service and I will come back with more info on this.

Also, when apple support ran tests on my phone, multiple sensors failed: camera, accelerometer, temperature sensor, and some others, but I cannot remember all of them.

BTW, if I completely reset the phone, I don't have this issue anymore + all the tests pass, but after a while, it is not working properly anymore :D. idk if it is an actual hardware or software issue, but personally I'd go with hardware...and unfortunately, if this is the case, the problem is there from when this iphone was fabricated.


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40\nS.sensor array 0 - 4 is 0x0, 0x600000,

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My apologies, I miscounted the number of zeroes on my previous response, so at this point the only information we have is still that the 0x400000 error is related to the wireless charging coil on the back glass.


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Wireless charging cable or proximity flex

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