Home button very sensitive, but the problem disappears after restart.

First of all, sorry for my English.

My aunt gave me a second hand Iphone SE 2020, I've been using it for at a month now. Then week later, the home button became too sensitive to the point that just barely touching the button will trigger the touch id verification and go to home screen.

So basically, it became too sensitive, the weird part is when you reboot the phone the glitches goes away, meaning by restarting the phone, the home button and touch ID works as expected. But after a few hours, the glitch will happen again. So I need to restart the phone every 4 hours for the home button to work properly.

My phone is still usable, and I could live with it, it's just kinda annoying to restart the phone every 3 or 4 hours.

I don't know if this is a hardware problem of a software glitch. If it's a hardware problem, then why does it goes away after rebooting the phone? I don't know, I need your opinion guys.

My aunt told me that the repair guy replaces the battery before she bought it, maybe the repair guy messes up the wiring? But anyway, it works properly on the first month, then started freaking out a week ago.

The phone was bought in the U.S.A and I lived in the Philippines, so we cannot send it back.

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I forgot to mention that I spent some time tinkering with Settings>Accessibity>Home or Settings>General>Home button but still nothing fixes the problem


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