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I accidentally poured coffee on my phone. What to do?

I accidentally poured coffee on the front side of my phone. It turned off within 10 seconds. I´ve taken off the back and the front, taken out all the screws, and now I don´t know what to do.

Can´t find any tutorial regarding this. What to do?

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Hello, some would say don't turn it on for a while. Place in warm airing cupboard for a few days. Or place in a bowl of dry rice for same duration.

Maybe if you have kept packeted dessicants from past purchases like shoes, trainers etc. Dessicants draw out moisture.

Or try a hairdryer.

Loads of tutorials out there, here's one. Google more using different web browsers. Duckduckgo, Yandex, Yahoo, Bing etc. Don't just rely on google!


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