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Devices that create three-dimensional objects from digital files through additive processes using various materials such as plastic, metal or resin.

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lotmaxx v2 shark will only beep when turned on

So lotmaxx sent the wrong firmware for printer, installed and now all the printer does is beep continuously nothing happens on display, stays black, no lights. Tried to flash with proper firmware but does not help, just beeps. Is it bricked? Is there a way to fix issue?? Any and all help / suggestions appreciated.

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I know you said you tried flashing the firmware already but just in case:

-try using the sd card that came with the printer or different sd cards until you find the one that works (try using small capacity sd cards <1gb or less)

-did you format the SD card as FAT32 ?

-make sure you have the 4 proper files in the sd card (diy_icon, SYSTEM, .bin and .txt files specific to your machine)

-usually nothing displays on the LCD during update, did you give it enough time?? 2-5 minutes

-unplug power cord from the machine for a few minutes and try flashing again

-Its usually a soft brick when using wrong firmware files , meaning you can recover from it. Just keep trying. Good luck

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Thank you, this helped great! I have a working printer again. Do you happen to create firmware for printer to work as wanted?



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