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Released near the middle of the 2010s, the 32LB5610 is a 32-inch LED television manufactured by LG.

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My TV is exploding have pictures

Yesterday my TV made a loud bang sound and hasn't turned back on since. I have taken the back of and nothing looks to have exploded, though im no expert. I replaced the fuse in the power socket, and recorded myself trying to power on the TV, you can see the sparks in the video. Any help on how to fix would be much appreciated.

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Block Image

Block Image

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@fredhaley luckily it is not exploding, you just have a bad component. Hard to see without a closeup or a schematic but this appears to be a MOV. there are more components on the underside of the board as well. Take a look on that and see if there are further burned traces. For now, you do not want to plug it in any longer. I would suggest that you replace the power supply. Unless you know how to solder, have the schematic and can get the parts to repair your power supply.

Verify for us that your TV is a LG 32lb5610 TV

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Thank you :), I've looked at the underside of the board and can't see any burned traces which is hopefully a good sign. I will try and replace the power supply, fingers crossed that works


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