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How to repair a hole that is in paneling in a manufactured home?

The stuff is paper thin, accidentally fell back into it. How should I work to fix it? Brand new homeowner here.

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Can you post pics of what it looks like behind the paint? Hard to tell what the material actually is


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@arynnspaulding looks like the panel is a fiberboard with vinyl covering. Those are a pita to repair. You will need to cut the damaged part completely out. Then get a piece of 1x4 and frame the inside of the opening. Attach the frame to the panel from the inside with some construction adhesive and screws. Now cut a piece of fiberboard that has the same thickness as your panel and fit it to the frame (a patch the same size as the hole in the wall). Attach that the same way as you did with the frame (adhesive and screws). You can then use some putty ( I used autobody fiberglass bodyfill before) apply to to the seems and sand that smooth. Now apply a finish to try and match. It will remain visible since it is almost impossible to get matching vinyl covering.

You can’t repair it with mesh etc. like you would conventional drywall. Your “walls” are thinner and are actually designed for some flex and movement.

Congratulations to becoming a homeowner! The fun never stops. There will always be repairs and upgrades coming your way. That is the fun part of actually owning it!!!!

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If your panelling is VOG that is vinyl over gypox it will be next to impossible to repair the hole as you will not match the pattern. Best thing to do is go to your bedroom closet take one of the panels from there and replace it to the one you want to fix. Go to the local hardware store and see if they have a quarter inch sheet of panelling even sanded plywood and put that back in the closet and paint it


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I have an answer for you but can you say first what material your paneling is? It's not apparent by the picture.

Update (11/16/23)

Well either way you need to find another piece somewhere that matches your paneling. Where the hole in your wall is, cut a solid shape out of it such as a circle or a square, whatever keeps you from making it too much bigger. get from the store a patch kit that has mesh and spackling in it or buy them separately cut the mesh larger than your shape and put it on the inside of the hole that you have and then cut the same shape from the paneling that you found from somewhere else, after the mesh and spackling dry, fit it to the hole with the same spackling on the back. Careful not to push hard enough to push it through. Once dry, Spackle and sand the edges and paint accordingly.

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