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Rilasciato il 20 Settembre 2019, il Nintendo Switch Lite è una versione più economica e solamente portatile della console Nintendo Switch, dispone di controller Joy-Con integrati e di uno schermo leggermente più piccolo.

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Why is the fan blowing very hard?

It was my first time opening up a console because the LCD screen was damaged and wanted to replace it. After I was done replacing the LCD screen I accidently tore the fan ribbon cable during the process and when putting everything back together the fan was blowing very hard (didn't do that before). I am inexperienced but I assume it is because of the tear in the fan ribbon cable. Everything is working fine on the console. I just want to know if I have to replace the fan or if it is something else. I would appreciate the help.

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I replaced the fan but is it suppose to spin right away or will it spin if it reaches a certain temperature?


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Could definitely be due to this tear. The bit that’s torn could be the part the gives information about how fast it should spin to the fan. Without that data, it just spins full bore. Sounds like new fan is definitely the way to go.

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Thank you! I ordered a new fan and now I have to wait and see if it will fix the problem. Thank you again for the help!


It worked thanks for the help!


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