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My touchpad often freezes especially when plugged in - how to clean?

When I'm using my laptop. The touchpad often freezes or very stuttery especially when I plug charger in. I suspect it's because dust / dirt piling up inside the touchpad edges, I tried cleaning up with alcohol but doesn't really helped.

Additionally, I did try to use every driver version on hp site and eventually just removed the touchpad driver and use microsoft default driver, Removing it actually make it bit better, frequency of it happening decrease but still I encountered freezing issue.

If you guys have experienced solving this, what did you do to eliminate or at least reduce the issue so it doesn't happen frequently? Thank you.

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Have you tried opening up the laptop, and cleaning around the touchpad, or did you just clean it from the outside?


I did clean it from the outside, just trying to clean the touchpad area, also tried to clean the edge while pressing the touchpad in hope of cleaning it further.

I guess then I'll need to dry disassembly it fully.


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@kongg first off download the maintenance and service guide for your computer from here. Next remove the bottom cover and take a look at the battery. Make sure it is not swelling up and thus interfering with the touchpad function etc.

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Hi, thanks for suggesting the service guide,

But unfortunately the page can't be accessed. I got page not found.

I did opening up bottom cover, the battery doesn't have any indication of swelling from bottom cover perspective, though I'm not sure if it's swelling in the upside.

What I can say is, the battery seems still to work ok when I use my laptop. I still got about 3-4 hours of light usage of my laptop.


Weird, now that I retried accessing it, I now able to access it.

My god, I didn't know HP got comprehensive manual for disassembly.

Will try to remove the touchpad and assess if I there's a gunk right there.

Thanks so much.


Update - I've done thorough cleaning of the touchpad. I opened back case, remove battery and remove the touchpad unit. The instructions provided in above guide is clear, I'm able to safely disassembly and put it back.

I see lot of gunk and dust on the edges of touchpad, clean them all up using alcohol swap.

Unfortunately after cleaning it and turning on my laptop the problem still persists.

Touchpad still sticky, often register 2 finger when I only use 1, causing it to stuck in scroll mode.

I can only assume my touchpad is faulty in this case.

Thanks for the help, appreciate it.


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