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iPad 2 LVDS on to a mid 2009 13” MacBook Pro?

Hello guys,

Recently I wanted to replace my MacBooks hinge but in the process of removing the screen the cable got tangled up under the board and I accidentally broke it. In my country I was not able to find any cables for it and I can’t order from sites like eBay aka outside my country

I saw an iPad 2 for parts listed for 10 dollars and I checked and apparently the iPad 2 uses a LVDS cable to drive the LCD.

So, will the cable from the LCD work on my 2009 13” MacBook Pro?

They have similar resolutions the iPad is 1024x768 the Macbook is 1280x800.

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Sorry no, the iPad cable won’t work in you MacBook Pro.

The term LVDS is not a cable standard it’s a signaling standard like TV offered at one point an analog signal and now we are running a digital signal down the same cable! To add to that the length and construction is very different as well.

Here’s the needed part from the UK from a reputable parts supply house Unibody MacBook/Pro 13" LVDS Cable (08/09/10) : Recycled

As you didn’t offer a country I’m not sure they are able to ship it to you. In any case the listing offers the Apple part number which might help you locate it locally.

Lastly, here’s the guide to replace the cable which might have helped you the first time MacBook Pro 13" Unibody Mid 2009 Left Clutch Hinge Replacement

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