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LG 27 Inch UltraFine 5K IPS Monitor with macOS Compatibility

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Green tint on screen

Hey ifixit community,

I have a question about a 24” LG Ultrafine 5K Monitor. The screen shows a picture, but it is equally greenish tinted, see attached photo.

I tried 2 different MacBooks and different cables. Also the screen has 2x usb-C input and it doesn’t make a difference which one I’m using.

I assume it’s a hardware defect on the mainboard, the question is if the defect allows to narrow down, where to search on the mainboard.

Do you have an idea what could possibly be the problem?


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Lukas, have you tried going into the monitor's settings and decreasing the value of the green tint (or increasing the red and blue tint to compensate)?

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Hi Shingle,

I tried different color profiles and settings, but not explicitly reducing the green value. Also, this would be just a work-around, I'm interested in fixing the hardware problem. It would be great to hear if somebody here knows, if this is common defect and usually caused by a resistor/capacitor or damaged chip - so if there is a reasonable chance to fix it without replacing the whole board.



@lukash72300 could be your Gamma IC or your video processor. Have you changed the input source? Something different then your MacBooks?


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Hi @lukash72300 the same has happened to me today, suddenly, when connecting my laptop. I have tried updating the monitor’s firmware, connecting directly or through a Thunderbolt hub, changing color profiles, and connecting to two different MacBooks. The problem stays the same.

Did you find a solution? Thanks.

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