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The HP Pavilion 15 cs0xxx is a 15-inch laptop that was released as part of the HP Pavilion computer line.

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Display Flickering Problem after continuing from sleep mode.

When I use my laptop everything is fine, but when I put my hand under the laptop or leave the laptop in sleep mode, after opening the display starts flickering and slowly goes black.

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@mdahadurro33511 Does the picture look fine on aan external monitor when waking up from sleep?


@andrewsawesome Yes it looks absolutely fine on an external monitor, just the laptop display is flickering for some fixed time.


@arishere Have you tried backing up any important data on the device, then fully reinstalling Windows?


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All I can think of is try reseating the display cable to the motherboard and then if that dosn't work you might need to get a new display but try taking it to your local repair shop and ask them if there is anything else they could think of to try after naming what issue and what you tried.

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