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Released on July 28th, 2017, the New Nintendo 2DS XL is a handheld gaming console succeeding the Nintendo 2DS.

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Why won’t my 2DS XL read DS games? It reads 3DS games perfectly fine.

When I put a DS game in my system, it doesn’t get read, but when I put a 3DS game in, it works perfectly. This is not just for one DS game, but all of the ones I’ve tried. Even though those same cartridges work on my brother’s system, they just don’t read on my console.

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Okay, I can think of two possible causes here:

  1. Region lock. It's unlikely, but simple enough to check. Find the region of both consoles on the top screen in System Settings (ex. Ver. 11.17.0-50 U). The letter after the system version tells you the region. If those match, check your brother's console for custom firmware. Turn it off, hold select, and turn it back on while still holding select. If you see an unusual menu (probably Luma3DS Configuration), that could be the reason. If, for some reason, your DS games are a different region from your console, it won't be able to read them. Luma bypasses that to let you run out-of-region games. If you don't see any strange menus, try #2


  1. DS mode could be broken. Try this:
    1. Power on your console
    2. Launch the Download Play application
    3. Select “Nintendo DS”
    4. If your console loads into a “Download software via DS Download Play” menu, the test was successful
      • If your console displays the Japanese version of Flipnote Studio, a black screen, or an error message, the test has failed
    5. Power off your console

If that test fails, try safe mode if you don't have CFW, or this if you do.

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Definitely isn’t region locked, I only buy my games where I live in the US, and my system was purchased a few years ago brand new from Walmart or something. Plus, none of our consoles are homebrewed, so there wouldn’t be any region bypassing. I’ll try loading up the Download Play option when I’m able to access my console. Regardless of whether or not that works when I get to it, thank you for your help.


Upon going through safe mode several time, the DS function still does not work. I would assume that CFW is that Luma3DS config that was mentioned, which as stated, I do not have. So I have not tested with the second firmware update option.


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