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4th Generation Apple AirPort Extreme Base Station (Model Number A1354)

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AirPort Extreme base station connectivity help

I am currently trying to broadcast a pre existing Wi-Fi connection (I don’t have Ethernet) and alter the settings through my AirPort Extreme base station but when I set it up to connect to a network and then change the security to none the airport has to be soft reset to edit any settings All I am trying to do is broadcast a wep connection with no password

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Does your computer have an Ethernet port? You may not need anything but an Ethernet cable depending on the computer.

You do need to use the Apple AirPort application from a Mac to set it up and use an Ethernet connection. Once setup the settings are saved and don’t need to keep the system plugged in but if you loose power you could loose the settings.

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I use the iPhone airport setup app


@thomas35549 - I vaguely remember it only worked on the newer units.


I’m using the airport A1347


@thomas35549 - Are you sure that’s the correct model number as that is a MacMini system Mac mini Late 2014


Oops sorry I also own a Mac mini and get model numbers mixed up


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