Viewsonic VX3276 ultra thin bezel disassembly

The Viewsonic VX3276 has what appears to be an obviously removable lower back portion of the case that would allow access to the power supply. There are 5 screws along the underside that hold this back cover, but from there the usual approaches to gentle prying and pushing in various directions do not seem to release any of the usual catches.

Has anyone opened the VX3276 (with or without breakage) and is able to shed light on this slightly different style of case closure fasteners?

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@jem28951 - Can you post pictures of the sides on the monitor?


Hi Ben,

No variations in the mating of the lower back panel at all - and certainly none (as with many previous Viewsonic designs) that invite the screwdriver pry point. With the ultra-slim design they seem to have offered the obvious removable panel on the lower third, and that molded plastic must be clipped to the upper cover. The bottom of that panel is retained with 4 screws and a guitar-pick style separation tool will go all the way around the sides and across the top and while it has some suspicious places where its insertion stop is less deep, there's nothing to provide any confidence that more force will result in separation or unlatching. Still hoping for someone who has been inside this one...


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