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Lanciato sul mercato il 16 settembre, il top di gamma "più piccolo" di Apple ha uno schermo OLED ProMotion da 6,1 pollici, un sistema di fotocamera posteriore a tre obiettivi, il 5G e un'"isola dinamica" di nuova progettazione intorno alla fotocamera frontale e i sensori superiori. È il successore dell'iPhone 13 Pro.

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Swapping 14 pro max logic board into 14 pro body

Hey, anyone managed to swap 14 pro max logic board into 14 pro body? Looks like both logic boards are of same size and they are swappable. Any long term issues ? Pls help, I have a spare body of 14 pro and logic board of 14 pro max I want to swap to .

Update (09/27/23)

Block Image

I have attached the side by side image @dadibrokeit

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I haven't opened up either of the two phones you've mentioned, but I can tell you this, that it's highly unlikely to work. The thing is, each logic board is custom designed for the phone it's in and the available space inside heavily determines the shape and size of the board and the placement of the connectors.

So far there have been no iPhones that have had compatible logic boards, and I see no reason to believe the 14 Pro series is any different. Not one single previous version of a Max or Plus model's board has been interchangeable with it's normal size sibling so it's unlikely the 14 will be either.

As I said, this is far from authoritative since I haven't held either board in hand, but based on Apple's history I feel confident stating that they won't interchange. I could be wrong and I'd be really interested to hear if I am, but I'm betting they won't fit.

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No , both logic boards are exactly same size and I even tried swapping it , but I want to know about any long term problems


@idgaf5 That is interesting, Mani; it's certainly a first for Apple. One problem is that Apple keeps all the information on internal sensors and attached components to itself so there's no way of knowing if everything is going to match up. On one hand it would make sense to design one motherboard that can fit two phones, but on the other hand they've never done that before.

If they're physically the same, then the next obstacle would be the placement of the connectors. If they move even one of them then something isn't going to fit.

Can you take side by side pictures of the two motherboards so we can look them over?


Attached the picture above


@Mani did you manage to try swapping the logical board of 14 pro to 14 promax? What is the result?


It worked well for one time from then on , screen is shrinking if i put 14 pro inside 14 pro max body and lcd. 😅


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