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Lanciato sul mercato il 16 settembre, il top di gamma "più piccolo" di Apple ha uno schermo OLED ProMotion da 6,1 pollici, un sistema di fotocamera posteriore a tre obiettivi, il 5G e un'"isola dinamica" di nuova progettazione intorno alla fotocamera frontale e i sensori superiori. È il successore dell'iPhone 13 Pro.

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iPhone 14 Pro proximity flex swap issue

Hi I have been working on a 14 pro with a faulty proximity sensor, I swapped the sensor once to no avail the phone was still appearing with smc bsc failure in the panic log. so after testing a few things and trying more fixes we assumed it was a faulty sensor that arrived. new sensor arrived and the phone worked fine until a data transfer was attempted then it went back to the 3 minute restart glitch. just wondering if the screen could be causing the issue as its the only part that hasn't been swapped or tested on the phone. Thanks

Update (09/11/23)

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attached is the panic log for the 14 pro, btw new screen didn't fix the issue.

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Let's take a look at the first page or so of the panic log you're getting. Between @flannelist and myself, we're getting pretty good at figuring out where the problem is coming from based on the log.


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No, I've never seen a kernel panic caused exclusively by a screen, so I wouldn't expect a screen swap to fix anything.

I'm tagging Alisha ( @flannelist ) because I am starting to think the particular code you're seeing was mistyped in our source material and I want to check with them on it. If I'm correct then the fix for your phone is to replace the power button flex cable, but let me conference with them before I commit to telling you that's the right fix.

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we did do a housing replacement on the device, we tested a new housing by plugging in the cable into the phone that's restarting, so i'm guessing even though the housing with the faulty cable was disconnected it was still contacting parts of the phone causing the 3 minute loop again. thanks for your help.


swapped the new housing and all works great it was the power flex thanks for the help


@yeahnah36695 Brilliant. I know that codes for these are weird in some spots. Especially on the 14 series since I think it took a bit to work out which errors related to which parts.


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