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Replaced motor. Now have loud noise

I'm lost and new to trying to fix my own appliances. I'm sure this is a novice question but we all start somewhere, right? For backstory... The motor definitely ceased as my dryer stopped mid cycle. Wouldn't start back up. Buzzing sound when I pushed start button. If I pushed too long, I tripped the breaker. Motor and fan were stuck. Ended up buying a new fan. Thermafuse is new as well. That occured because my husband insisted it was the thermafuse when i was certain it was the motor. $5 replacement. Ran for 1 dry cycle and ceased again mid cycle with a loud noise before stopping for the last time. 😂 I established I was correct from the beginning and motor needed replaced.


I bought a used motor with a 30 day guarantee off Ebay. I got it set and followed the instructions. Pushed start got a loud noise. It sounded the same as the dryer did when the motor went out. I tried setting and resetting the motor several times now.I did get it quieter but I'm lost. I am so sure it's set correctly. Yet still a loud noise. Did I buy a bad motor? Belt, pulley and rollers look good according to all the repair videos I have seen. Uploaded a clip of the noise incase it is helpful.

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Hi AJ,

I'm thinking it may be worthwhile to check the motor start capacitor, but would need to know the model number of your dryer to be able to look up information about it. Electric motors take a lot more current to start up from a stop than they do to keep turning once they're in motion. So rather than build the motor with massively outsized power requirements, manufacturers use a capacitor to store up an electric charge that gives the motor a boost when it's starting. If that capacitor fails then the motor can run normally once it gets up to speed, but just can't get going from a stop.

Try holding the door switch closed so you can start the dryer with the door open and manually start the drum turning when you hear it humming. If it runs with a boost to get started, then it's a strong indication you may need to replace the capacitor.

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