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The Pontiac Grand Am is a mid-size size (and later compact) car produced by Pontiac. The 1999-2005 generation is the final generation of the Pontiac Grand Am.

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How to change the fuel pump?

need to know how to change fuel pump

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The pump is in the tank, so a bit of a PITA to do it. Essential steps are like this:

" Drain the fuel tank.

Relieve the fuel system pressure.

Raise and support the vehicle.

Disconnect the quick-connect fitting at the fuel filter.

Disconnect the quick connect fittings at the end of the fuel lines.

Remove the rubber exhaust hangers. Allow the exhaust system to rest on the rear axle.

Remove the exhaust heat shield.

Loosen the fuel filler hose clamp at the fuel tank.

Remove the hoses from the fuel tank filler, the EVAP vent, and the EVAP vapor pipes.

Disconnect the electrical harness from the multi-way rear body connector and fuel strap.

With the aid of an assistant, support the fuel tank (1) and disconnect the 2 fuel tank retaining straps.

Lower the fuel tank.

Disconnect the wiring harness from the modular fuel sender assembly and the fuel tank pressure sensor.

Disconnect the EVAP pipe and the fuel pipe from the modular fuel sender and the fill limiter vent valve.

Remove the fuel sender assembly from the tank.

Like I said PITA, make sure that this is where your problem is. Check fuses, filters, lines and relay as well. Hope this helps, good luck.

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I access it from my rear seat!

• Fold down the trap in middle of your rear seat to access trunk & lift carpet inside your trunk to see the fuel tank COVER.

• You can see two electrical connections. Disconnect those.

• And you will also see (3) tubes connected to your (Fuel Sending Unit).

3 gas lines. Disconnect those. 1/2 cup Gas will come out.

Left to do is remove the "LOCKING DISC"

Around the top of the pump, there is a metal ring locking it. You will notice a big KNOB coming out of the Locking Disc

To release it, it has to turn, and THIS is the hard part

My way of doing it is with 3 tools.

1: A rubber hammer

2: A wrench key (long enough, 8 to 12 inches)

3: A dry rag.

My way :

1: Cover the KNOB with the rag

2: Put the wrench key on that KNOB, on the rug, and ALIGN it to be able to hammer it.

3: Hammer the SH*T out of it... making sure you slide counterclockwise to UNLOCK it.

Slide the locking disk out, and remove the fuel sending unit ! (fuel pump is in there!)

Hope this helps!


Sorry Pop but unless you cut one there is no access hatch on this car


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The most common cause of pump failure is operator negligence in not changing the fuel filter every year. The fuel filters get plugged up due to the ethanol in gasoline causing filter material to crumble and plug up the filter. The pump cannot pump anything and burns up. The other cause of pump failure is the brushes wear down after many rotations or hours of use. The brushes no longer make contact with the commutator to send electricity to power the rotor and the pump motor stops turning. Sometimes bumping the fuel tank may cause the brushes to make contact and briefly power up the motor.

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I have replaced the fuel pump but don't hear it running and no start. Fuse #48 is good and relay #18 sounds like it is switching okay? what would you suggest as next steps?


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I have a 05 grand am 3.4L V6 the car turns over but won't start, I changed the fuel filter still won't start. Checked to see if fuel was getting through the filter it was, then I noticed there was no pressure in the line.would the pump be my problem


Yes, the same thing with my 05 Grand Prix Shop and compare tho it will be priced from 30-400+ dollars


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On which side of the fuel tank is the fuel pump located

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It's right in the middle underneath the backseat depending on which Pontiac you have. But it's most likely right there.

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