I want to know why sound come after crossing speed breaker?

I want to why noise is getting after crossing speed breaker.

I have checked with many service center and as per their instructions, I have replace jumper, shock absorber, boot etc but still noise is getting?

Can you help me what is the actual problem?

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@prajapatihiren what kind of noise? Be as descriptive as possible. Give us as much information as possible. You need to tell us what jumper and what boot. Also, no "etc." we need to know exactly what else you have changed.


Hello dear,

I am using mitsubishi galant 2012 model in Oman

Actually clunking noise is getting after crossing speed breaker.

I inspected many workshop and always different technician giving different different reason.

Fist person told me may that noise come from Jumper so please jumper with shock absorber but still that sound is not gone. Then after I went other workshop he told me he told me need to replace ankle (near wheel) same I had replaced but still sound not gone.

Then after again I went other work shop he told me need to replace bush, he replace bush now sound is little reduce but still problem is not resolve.

Also whenever I am taking full turn left or right side some cranking sound I am hearing, so what will be root cause.

Can you help me on this matter.


@prajapatihiren does the sound seems to come from the front or the back? Does your steering wheel shake a lot when you drive? Have you checked your tires? Are those okay? Is there any chance you can record the sound and post it somewhere, so we can hear what it sounds like?


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