Clear liquid leaking inside - what is it?

I’ve had a clear liquid leaking from the top of my fridge on the inside for months. It is not water, it has a strong chemical smell. I put a cup to catch it in the back and ignored it because I didn’t want to deal with my landlord. A few days ago though, the fridge started making a loud humming noise off and on that I hadn’t heard before, and both the fridge and the freezer became very warm. The inside also reeks of what I can only describe as “refrigerator smell”. Like the taste of when something is freezer burned, but the smell of it

My landlord said that it was because the vent in the freezer was blocked, and I should move things around to unblock it. I did. It didn’t help. I told them it was still making a sound and humming and smelling, and they told me to unplug it for 12 hours, then plug it back in. I did that, and left the fridge plugged in all day, but still, it was warm, made the loud humming off and on, and smelled strongly. I unplugged it because a friend said it might be dangerous, and I’d already thrown out all of the food in it.

My landlord checked it out today and is going to replace it. They came by to give me a mini fridge and noticed the fridge was unplugged and tried to be like - oh you didn’t plug it back in? So I explained - what I had already explained in email - that I had left it plugged in for around 12 hours and it was still warm, and a friend advised me to unplug it. I mentioned the leak again and my landlord said it was just water. I told them it wasn’t, because I’d smelled it and touched it and it did not smell like water and was oilier than water.

Anyway, they’re replacing the fridge in a couple days so everything will be fine BUT

What tf was leaking?? I want to know what was wrong with the fridge!

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