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The 5th generation Surface Laptop, released in October of 2022, shares the same body as its predecessor, but with an Intel 12th gen processor, 50% longer battery life, and a new sage color option.

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Why cant I Start my laptop

Always when i try to put my pin in ut starts to bug to the beginning then i try to Do it again and it again Bugs to the beginning what do i do

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Whats is the error code ? When do you get it ?

Can you send us pictures of the problem ?

Hope to be fixable,



When i try to do it with face id it says it needs my pin to Sign in but it always Bugs to the screen where the clock is and if i get to the point to put in my pin i put it in and i get bugged to the screen with the clock. Idk if a pic would do it i would need to send a Video but idk how


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I think you have to start your Microsoft Surface in safe mode.

How to enter safe mode

1. To activate safe mode, press and hold the power key until the power off icon appears.

2. Tap and hold the power off icon until the Safe Mode prompt appears.

3. Select Safe Mode to confirm.

Try to log in with your PIN.

Try the tips Microsoft wrote there :

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I try this method but i cant enter safe mode idk if its because of my Laptop i have surface laptop 5


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