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Annunciato il 13 ottobre, l'iPhone 12 Mini è una versione più piccola dell'iPhone 12 di Apple. Si caratterizza per lo schermo OLED da 5,4", processore A14 bionic e per la doppia fotocamera posteriore

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Phone is alive but no display.

So I have an iPhone 12 mini and for the past hour or two I have noticed that if you put it to sleep when you wake it the screen doesn't power up. It still vibrates if you toggle the mute switch, plug it in, etc. and a force restart would fix it. Now the device is just on a black screen. Still vibrating and all but just won't illuminate. It did get submerged in a pool for a bit earlier today so I fear water damage but I don't have any tools so I am unable to check the LCIs due to me being on vacation. Everything is OEM and original and it has never been open and the cameras aren't cloudy so I don't think that it is water ingress (this display has been acting weird ever since I first got the phone) but I wouldn't be surprised. I do have backups but really can't afford a display or logic board. Still shows up in Finder.

Edit: So now the screen has powered on but it has a deep maroon/blood red color and touch doesnt work anymore. Taking it to a shop to replace it. later. Will update.

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It turns out that the display was broken. Replaced the screen (and threw in a new battery while I was in there) and it is running just like new. Not exactly how the display broke but it was.

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Try disconnecting and reconnecting the display cables and if that doesn’t work replace the display.

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