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Repair guides and documentation for the Google Pixel 6a with 5G smartphone. Released in July 2022.

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Replacement screen not functioning, what to do?

I replaced the screen on the phone and when it booted it was all black. I restarted it with the buttons and it was still black. As I had not yet removed the final inner liner to the adhesive, I removed the screen and put the old one on and it booted and displayed(cracked but works). I thought maybe the connector was just not on all the way so I went back to the new screen and removed the final liner sealing the phone and unfortunately, it is still all black. Did I break the screen? Is this repair salvageable? Could the new screen be defective? the guide mentioned the pins on the connector could bend easily but when I checked they all looked aligned and straight. Advice appreciated!

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Hi Eamon,

I've got the 6 Pro after upgrading from the 2 XL, so I've been watching the Pixel questions for a while now. My impression seems to be getting more and more reinforced that Google has somewhat of a quality control problem with their replacement screens. The fact that your old screen still works tends to indicate that it's most likely an issue with the replacement screen, since you're not all that likely to damage the new screen just by plugging it in, unlike the old screen where it can be damaged in the process of removing it.

I don't know if it is indeed a genuine Google screen or if you bought it from iFixit, but your next step should be to contact the seller and explain the situation just like you did here. If it's an iFixit screen then it is indeed a genuine part and it has a lifetime warranty to boot. I've dealt with their iFixit Store customer service and found them to be excellent at what they do. You can always reach them at if need be.

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