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Need a 2nd opinion on what to do with my beloved Crt TV

So, Rewind a few days.. Here in Missouri, We had some pretty bad thunderstorms, And I forgot to unplug my Old TV.. My guess is There was a surge and it killed the power supply. Only Issue is, I can't find any information on this issue.

Currently, When Plugged in It just flashes All the lights. (Power, Rec, etc)

@oldturkey03 - Any Ideas?

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@beanman service manuals for this model are of course, not available. Besides the usual like looking for burned out diodes and power FET's I really am not comfortable with working on CRT's without a schematic. There are to many high voltages floating around and those really can bite you. This is a case for a CRT professional.

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Thanks @oldturkey03

R.I.P tv :(


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