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Lo smartwatch Apple di sesta generazione, con connettività cellulare opzionale, rilasciato il 18 settembre 2020.

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Screen is black but everything works!

One day suddenly without any reason the screen of my apple watch turned off!

I did whatever it need to fix it such as hard rest or update and....

with screen monitoring I can access to my apple watch via my iPhone and the touch is working too!

and sometimes suddenly screen start working and sometimes turn off again!

what should I do??????

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I am having the same issue. It just started 2 days ago. I've restarted the watch, also did a reset (the screen came up long ago to repair with my iphone). None of that worked. I can see the screen very rarely. I can still tap the screen and hear it make noise. Just a black screen. I have a series 6 44mm, and it is 2 months outside the warranty (of course). Did you figure anything out to fix your phone?


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That sounds almost like a loose connection. If not that, biggest chance some damage to the screen. When the screen "suddenly starts working", is there any pattern to it? Is it when it is cold and you just turned it on before it starts to warm up? Is it only in certain areas of your home? Is it any repeatable and reliable method to this? How often is it? Such as it may turn on for 5 minutes once a week, or it is on randomly 50% of the time?

A loose connection inside shouldn't happen but occasionally they do. The biggest problem with it is these things are not really designed with repair in mind, and if you do not have the right tools chance of damaging the device is high. If you do have the right tools, or want to attempt with the best tools you have, you can follow this guide: Sostituzione schermo Apple Watch Series 6

Just remove the screen, verify every connection is secure, and put it back together. If you notice any water damage, corrosion, broken connectors, or anything else that looks strange and doesn't really match the condition of the photos in the guide it may be related to your issue. Otherwise, ordering a new screen and replacing it will almost for sure fix the issue.

There is a small chance that there is some kind of motherboard damage and the screen itself is fine. I can't think of any specific ways it could present the symptoms you describe, but I don't know everything about these things and don't want to ignore a possibility. This is why I would recommend, if you can, opening it up and inspecting the motherboard before buying a new screen. If it is a loose connection, you can repair it without spending money, and if it is motherboard damage, you know not to buy a new screen because it will not fix anything.

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Hi, I have the same problem that Saman described. I’ve heard that it can be caused by sea water. Can I get it fixed at the Apple Store? ¿Cuánto me puede costar un cambio de pantalla? Thanks a lot!


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Hi Saman, what did you finally do? I’ve the same issue and don’t know how proceed :-(

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