"Cannot start the PS4" after updating to system software version 10.50

I recently updated my PS4 to v10.50 and ever since the "Cannot start the PS4." message appears. I am not sure exactly what happened but when I returned to my PlayStation after beginning the install this message was on the screen and appears every time I turn on the console after it checks the system storage status and gives up at 27/28% .

It instructs me to download the update file for reinstallation for v10.50 but I have not tried that in fear of losing all my data. I was wondering if there is any other solution to this issue.

I have tried:

  • Updating the system software through Safe Mode via USB and over Ethernet, in both cases the update seems to download and install but when it restarts it fails at 27/28% of checking the system storage status and returns to the "Cannot Start the PS4" message.
  • Restoring Default Settings, An error occurs (SU-41337-8)
  • Rebuilding the Database, this doesn't show an error message but just reboots back to the "Cannot start the PS4" screen.
  • Leaving my PS4 unplugged for a while.

Just wondering if there are any solutions to this issue and if I download the update file for reinstallation will I lose all my data?

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Have you tried reinstalling a older version of software?


@timtomissus Thanks for your reply, I haven't been able to try installing an older software version since Playstation only supply the latest version on their website. I cannot find the downloads for any previous versions.


@john39447 https://wololo.net/2021/12/14/ps4-how-to...

heres a website with quite a few links to 9.00 :)


@timtomissus Thanks, I've just tried it and I get an error, "Cannot find an update file for version 10.50 or later. (SU-30649-2)"


@john39447 did you flash the usb drive?


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