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[OIS issue] 3x telephoto camera vibrating and buzzing in video

Hi, i have a problem with ois with my 3x telephoto camera on my iphone 14 pro. It vibrates and buzz when i enable the video mode and turn the phone to right (in portrait) or up (in landscape).

I can hear the noise by putting my ear close to the camera.

Apple told me to do a system reset (with itunes) to fix the issue, i dont know if it can work. I have the 1 year warranty until november.

Videos here [the noise is heard only with high volume]

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It is the stabilizer that is defective. You need a camera replacement for this issue. You can order it to apple to program to match your logic board serial number, other than that you can use after market but there will be a pop-up message "unknown parts" (it will not effect your camera operation).

Hope this helps.

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I ended up going to the apple store but the camera replacement didn’t fix anything and they gave me a brand new device, thanks anyway


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I see this issue happen fairly often in my repair shop and it's most likely the camera itself that needs to be replaced. Seeing as you're still in warranty, I would just have apple take care of it. If they won't you could fix it yourself or have a trusted shop perform the repairs. Not sure about other countries, but here in the US you can order an OEM camera from the self service repair store. It'll come with the parts you need and you can rent the tools. By ordering it from the self service repair store it'll allow you to reprogram the new camera. Just be aware, while this is illegal for apple to do, they may void your warranty should you, or another third party perform the repair, despite using OEM parts.

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