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Model A1312 / Mid 2010 / 3.2 GHz Core i3 or 2.8 & 3.6 GHz Core i5 or 2.93 GHz Core i7, ID iMac11,3

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iMac into a standalone display without brightness issues?

Has anyone managed to turn his 27" iMac into a standalone display using a controller board but without brightness issues?

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@oldturkey03 - You’ve done a ton of these any ideas?


@genik what is the exact panel number? Where and what controller did you get and what are the brightness issues?


The brightness issue im referring to, is pinpointed in this video 06:47

It seems that there are a lot of cheap controller boards in the market and according to the video, they seem to be the cause of the brightness issue. This can be seen when the display is compared with an original iMac.


LM270WQ1(SD)(C2) is my panel number, i haven’t purchased a controller board yet cause I’m worried about that brightness issue


@oldturkey03 Dan says you’ve done a ton of such stuff… what exactly have you done?


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@genik contact the vendor and see what they tell you when it comes to luminance and brightness. Also, you can get driver boards for $15 USD and some for $50 USD so again, it will depend on what they are using. Most of these kit's are actually pretty good. Yes, you will see a difference if your have an iMac right next to it, that is using it's original hardware. But it should not be bad enough that you are disappointed with the conversion.

One thing to consider, and that will be a bit tougher and would not be plug and play. Get a kit you can afford and if you are having brightness issues, consider using the LED driver board that was part of your computer. You may have to experiment with the power on (consider using a pull up resistor to get it to turn on). PWM will most likely be anywhere from 4V for max brightness to 0V for none.

Buying stuff from ebay or amazon is okay but remember that you don't get information from them since those are mostly resellers. I am not an alibaba fan but I do like it that you often times have the opportunity to "chat" with somebody that is familiar with the actual device. Ask them directly and clarify the what if's. Anything is possible.

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Thanks #oldturkey, I deeply appreciate your guidance but what is the tech question u suggest I must make to the vendor regarding luminance and brightness?


@genik what Ic's are they using as a driver and for their luminance? If you can find that out, you can then research those IC's and make the determination to purchase it or move on. Check on here for the details of your panel. If the universal kit can get to most of those, you'll be ok.


What does lC’s mean?


@genik IC=Integrated Circuit or a "chip" :-) Like the LED driver or the gamma IC's, commonly referred to as chips.


I really appreciate your help but I gotta tell ya that this whole thing I’m trying to do seems like a mountain to me 😐

Is it possible to have a more direct communication with you? 😁


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