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Informazioni sulla riparazione per Google Pixel 4a. Rilasciato il 20 agosto 2020. Numero modello: GA02099-US.

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How to turn phone off with broken screen and digitizer.

I have a screen repair kit coming from ifixit and want to be sure the phone is off before I open it up. Pressing and holding the power button seems to just force the phone to restart, not turn off. I know it's on as it dings when I connect it to a computer. I assume it's stuck on the lock screen as you can't use the fingerprint scanner on initial log. Anyone with a 4a able to try this out and let me know what works? Thanks in advance.

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usually you hold down the power button, then a confirmation promt comes up, when you need the touch screen .

So instead of that just hold down the power button until the phone powers down, even if something comes up on the screen, just don't release the power button.

Now lets assume that the screen is not displaying anything.

In that case too hold down the powet button. In this case the problem is that you won't know if the phoe is off or not unless your phone vibrates while powering off.

So just hold the button for 15–20 sec. It should work.

  • Once the phone is turned off, you can remove the battery (if it's removable) or leave it as is until you can have the screen repaired or replaced.

Alternatively, if your phone has a non-removable battery, you can wait for the battery to run out and the phone to turn off on its own. This may take a few hours or more, depending on how much charge your phone had when the screen broke

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I had the same thought and have tried that a few times. But every time, if I plug the phone in to a computer, it still dings. Seems strange.


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