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Xiaomi replacement battery not working

My phone battery is addicted and I bought a new one and replaced it but I can't get my phone to work.

I bought an original BN52 battery that is compatible with this device.

The only thing that I see is the notification led blinking when I connect the new battery.

I already try to disconnect the battery, plug the charger, connect again and the behaviour is the same.

I already try 2 new batteries without sucess.

Any sugestions?

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@zalho so what happens when you install the new battery. Does your phone come on at all? what have you checked?


@oldturkey03 when I connect the new battery the only thing that happens is the notification led that blinks, the phone won't turn on. I already tried with 2 new batteries.

If I connect the old battery (that is addicted) the phone turns on normally.


@zalho is that the same for the second new battery. Since the old battery works, you know its a battery issue. I would try one more battery but get it from a totally different vendor


@oldturkey03 exactly, I tested 2 new batteries in the last days and with the same behaviour. One month ago I've tested other functional battery from other vendor and with the same problem. All the batteries are originals from Xiaomi. The only difference is the battery model, the one that came in phone is BN53 and all the other 3 tested are BN52, but they should be exactly the same, all them should be compatible.


Charge the batteries. That also happened with my phone but with it's normal battery and after charging it I noticed that the battery had almost no battery


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@zalho do you remember way back when the Apple iPhone 3G and 3GS came out? There was such a debacle about the battery numbers since they were assumed to be interchangeable etc. but it created a lot of "odd" errors. determination was then made that they are really not interchangeable. So, if the working battery is a BN53 and the others are BN52 and don't work, get a new BN53 and try it.

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I have the same issue with my Redmi Note 9 Pro. Bought the BN53 from xiaomi and it shows the blinking light. I tried 2 different batteries and same issue! so annoying. Did anybody found what is causing this issue and how to solve it? Thanks

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