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Grinding noise when using self-propelled mower.

When self-propelled is used a grinding noise is coming from the area around the wheels. When wheels are removed there is wear on the drive gears.

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I am sure this will work with most self-propelled mowers as the wheel mounting is similar. When you select any position on the wheel height adjustment mechanism it puts horizontal pressure on the rear of the pivot arm (gold colored wheel mounting plate) and this causes the front of pivot arm to toe-in slightly. When the mower is new and the wheel gear has no wear on the outer edge it will work. When pressure is applied to the plate it forces the axle forward and causes wear to start on the bushings and bearings. This is why it is suggested to replace the bearings and bushings. I agree this would work but you have not corrected the thing that caused the problem. After a while enough wear will cause the wheel gear (plastic or metal) to not mesh correctly with the metal pinion. If your wheel gear is plastic, it will wear on the outer edge of the gear. If the wheel gear is metal and the metal is stronger than the pinion, it will wear on the edge of the pinion. If you disengage the height adjuster (move it all the way down to the bottom) the gear and pinion should mesh correctly. Since you cannot use the mower this way, I installed a "stop-spacer" directly behind the wheel mounting bolt and mower body. The spacer should be a "nut" which has the same thread pattern as the end of the wheel mounting bolt. You need to find one with the proper thickness to make the wheel gear and pinion mesh correctly which results in the wheel turning smoothly in both directions. I did not apply this fix until about 4 years after I purchased this mower in 2009. Had I done this when the mower was new, I don't think anything would have worn because the axle would have remained in a permanently straight position. I never replaced any parts in the axle area and mower continues to work fine. I produced a video using a Lawn Boy mower to demonstrate how well this works. Hope this helps someone. Wheel grinding fix for self-propelled mower for less than $1. (

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