Replacement screen - just faint white flashing line at top of screen

I just replaced the screen on my Pixel 4a. I feel the haptic vibration when I plug the charger in. I left it charging for 30 minutes. I then unplugged the charger and plugged it back in. I don't get the charging icon. I see a faint white line flashing at the top of the screen. You can barely see it. The phone was thrown hard on the pavement when I was recovering balance after stepping into broken pavement. There was no visible damage to the screen but the phone screen was blank with faint green flashes.

It appeared to be working such as ringing when called. I had to discharge the battery in order to turn it off to swap out to another phone. I probably should have plugged it in a month ago after but instead the phone has been sitting with a dead battery for a month. Perhaps the impact somehow did something to the motherboard? Once I've gotten some feedback I guess I'll further disassemble the phone.

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Phone is definitely on - it's connecting to bluetooth and I see it when scanning network for IP addressed devices


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