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The Samsung Galaxy A71 is an Android smartphone manufactured by Samsung Electronics as part of the Galaxy A series. It was released in January 2020. Versions: SM-A715F/DS, SM-A715F/DSN (Global), SM-A715F/DSM (Russia).

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a71 battery charging issue

my galaxy A71 did that too after i dropped it many times the speaker broke it would only work if i bend it in some way and after that the battery stopped charging so the phone is living of of a powerbank at the moment. it also wont go on booting without the battery actually working if i dont but a piece of paper on the sub board connector on the main board to put pressure on the connector

also before all this the phones multitouch started to only work landscape mode and for like 5 min after leaving landscape mode. (this was caused by the phone getting thrown across the room)

so i am wondering if this battery issue (which is the only important thing for me) could be solved by just replacing the battery because the board gets power like i am writing this on the phone rn but the battery itself isnt getting charged...

at this point i dont wven know how its still working it is like of those iphone 6 devices which survived dropping from a plane

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@teomantedu there is a lot going on with this poor phone. You already found out that you can't run it without battery. Anyhow, since it is not charging, it is either the battery, the charging port, or the flex from the charging board to the main board. Use something like this video to get it done. Check the flex for corrosion or tears etc.

While you work on your drive, take lots of pictures. Once you are done with it, take those pictures and create a guide for iFixit. That will help the next person that has the same problem as you do. It's easy and fun to create these guides. The iFixit community will appreciate this.

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I am sorry but at this point i dont think this phone is fixable the screen (also cracked) also suffers from it dimming in lines and stuff it is also making a lot of whining noises from the board. I think this phones speaker display battery, the flex cable, the board, the back cover and the frame is damaged to a point where it is just not a good idea to invest any more time or money into this phone. It is also insanely slow to boot up or even wake up from sleep the home screen the widgets cant even load. This poor phone got 3 full android version upgrades and it is just unusable. After i got some spare money i am just going to switch to an iphone and throw this phone away.


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