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Rilasciato il 20 Settembre 2019, il Nintendo Switch Lite è una versione più economica e solamente portatile della console Nintendo Switch, dispone di controller Joy-Con integrati e di uno schermo leggermente più piccolo.

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How do I fix my switch lite blue screen?

I’ve checked putting pressure on the CPU but it didn’t seem to work and now i don’t know what to do. It belonged to my little brother and he seemed to have dropped it because after I opened it 2 of the tiny screw parts broke off. I’m pretty sure something in the CPU is damaged but I need help figuring out what and how to fix it

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My Nintendo Lite will not reset it has the blue screen of death anyway how to reset it?


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it can be cpu, nand or memory ic. this isn't a repair just anyone can do, if the cpu is at fault then it would need removed using a hot air station, cleaned and reballed. you would also need to check if any solder pads under the cpu are damaged and if some are then they would need repaired with micro jumper wires

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how do i fix my blue screen when my switch doesn't work


@taelynclayton it requires microsoldering repair


I need a repair I think because I can’t find out how to fix my Nintendo lite


@kaemengros has it got a blue screen ?


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