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Repair information and troubleshooting for Craftsman-brand riding lawnmowers.

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Craftsman lt 2000 mower will slow down and stop while mowing then go

I have a craftsman lt 2000 when I'm mowing and engage the blades and going in a straight line the mower is fine but when it's time to turn the mower slows down while making the turn and it slowly stops I have to tap on the brake to get it going again and it starts off slow then will just take off on me. What could it be?

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I always preface my responses with "I don't know, and you probably shouldn't listen to me.....but"

You may just need to change the belts. If they are loose that may be causing the lack of control and stability, and when they catch back on they tighten up you shoot off.

If it's not the belts it may be the transmission in which case R.I.P

Again I don't really know and you may want to wait for more qualified Fix-it-ers than I to answer you. I only have rudimentary knowledge on such things and even that is questionable. Wishing you the very best of luck.

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